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    Proven Results

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Why Choose Us

  • All our tutors speak fluent English.
    All our tutors are interviewed and if we can't understand what they're saying then it's a reasonable assumption that a child won't understand them either. What's the point of paying to have someone qualified but unable to communicate properly?
  • No Hidden Fees.
    Any fees we charge are up front and clearly communicated.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or it's FREE!
    If after the first lesson, you are not totally satisfied with our tutor, then we'll either cheerfully refund your money or find you an alternative tutor.
  • Affordable Prices.
  • One-On-One Home Tuition.
  • Powerful Maths Holiday Programs – Accelerate your learning.
  • All of our tutors are in possession of Blue Cards (they're not just pending approval).
  • Receive tuition in the comfort of your own home.
  • Qualified Home Tutors
  • Pay as you go. You don't have to pay upfront for blocks of time or multiple sessions.

"At the beginning of the year I found my daughter Terri-Lee in the situation of needing a tutor, because she was getting C's & D's at the end of year nine. I contacted Professional Tutoring Services and have been more than happy with the results. Terri has been getting A's & B's since the end of the first term and is still progressing very well. I have found her confidence level has risen and all her subjects are following this same trend, I owe her success to Professional Tutoring Services and would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone that is finding these times difficult with your teenager."


Every tutoring business charges a booking fee - we tell you about ours.  Our system is very cost effective.  The table below is a price comparison.

  Our Charges Other Agencies
Booking Fee $70 $0
Tutor's Hourly Charge $50 $80
Total Charge after ten lessons (one school term) $570 $800
You save $230 per term







*The comparison is based on one student receiving the highest level of tutor available through us compared with 
most others.  Our booking fee drops after the first term to $40 per term and so the saving is actually $260 per term after the initial school term.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed or it's FREE!

We know how important it is to ensure that you have a tutor that your child can work with. To give you greater peace of mind, we have the following guarantee: If after the first lesson, you are not totally satisfied with our tutor, then we'll either cheerfully refund your money or find you an alternative tutor.

"My daughter Kym had always struggled with maths. We bought her a computer tutor program in year 8 and although it helped her initially, she still found maths most difficult especially during exam time. In year 9, Kym started having one on one lessons with Les, a private tutor from Professional Tutoring Services. The change in Kym's level of confidence was amazing. She now not only enjoys maths but her marks have improved fantastically. I am very happy with the service and result that Professional Tutoring Services has been able to deliver and I would recommend their services to anyone."


  • To make a difference by providing a fresh, vibrant, positive and affordable alternative to clients looking for assistance
  • To give every student an opportunity to reach their full potential by providing the best possible tutors.
  • To give every parent an affordable option in supporting their child.
  • To provide ongoing consistent part time work for quality tutors.

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Helping Your Child Develop Good Study Habits

Academic success is very important to most parents. Frustratingly for many, their children often do not see academic success as important at all! This presents a significant challenge for mums and dads who want their children to do well at school in order to have a larger number of good quality career options following school.


How to Teach Your Kids to Use the Internet Responsibly

A question for parents: would you allow your children to play outside without keeping an eye on them? Many would likely say no. Why then, would we ignore the potential dangers of allowing our kids to roam the vast world of the internet unsupervised and without fully understanding its capabilities and dangers? How do we teach our kids to use the Internet responsibly?


Maths B TuitionStruggling with High School Maths?

Enrol your child into Jump Start, our holiday maths intensive proven to work. Enrolments for the summer intake of Year 11 Maths B and Year 12 Maths B are currently open but places are limited and enrolments are handled on a first come, first served basis.

Take advantage of the summer break to give your child a Jump Start in Maths B for next year.

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